Tonkadale staff giving a succulent workshop
Drop in and create an indoor plant arrangement: Hanging Kokedama ball, terrarium, or succulent/cactus planter. No time line here. You choose your project and your price point, or do all three.

$29.99 or $49.99 option for each arrangement.

Kokedama literally means moss ball, so to put into context, you can create a hanging moss ball in which a plant grows using special soil, sheet moss and a plant of your choice. Two size options available.

A terrarium is just a garden planted in a glass vessel. Start with a large or small bubble ball and fill with your choice of plants, moss and stones. Accessories are extra credit.

Succulents and cactus need bright light, little water and a prominent spot in your home. Choose from a large or small zig-zag planter and fill with 3 items plants. Easy peasy, don’t squeeze me (the cactus that is).

Registration not required.

Tonkadale staff giving a succulent workshop
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