happy new decade!

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As I sit here. Wait no. As I reflect upon. Stop. As I look forward to. Delete!

Yep. We are all “As is’ing” right now about the New Year and the new decade. It is the best of times, and also the worst of times. But, when is it not? Life is a journey towards destination JOY with stops marked pain and suffering scattered along the way.

Have you ever stubbed your toe? Of course you have, and it hurts like h***. Guess what? You will stub your toe again, and again, and again. In the meantime you might make a few changes. You might wear shoes while you vacuum the house, fix that protruding paver stone in the sidewalk, or take it a little slower getting out of bed. However, when you least expect it, that chair leg will jump out and get you. Only minor bruising this time. So you pick yourself up, move through the pain, yell a little bit, and get on with your day.

Not to minimize pain. It exists and you can’t resolve it away. It’s tempting to make resolutions to absolve away the pain – the pain of our imperfections.

In our latest employee education session we completed a resolutions exercise . We were asked to make resolutions through the lens of our core values. No rules, no limits. I am usually hesitant to make resolutions or even set goals for fear that I will not execute them perfectly. I work hard everyday, take advantage of opportunities and things usually work out. Anyway, here are my core values resolutions:

Obsessed with success – focus on employee growth and leadership development.

Ridiculously Passionate – Take risks this year (I have a few ideas in mind that aren’t ready for the page). Can you say plant truck?

Always Approachable – Never let my words or body language turn people away. This is the hardest one.

Fun, Fresh & Focused – I do better when I feel better. One word. Yoga.

Courageous and Kind – Offer feedback, both praise and criticism.

I resolve to do my best in my most imperfect way. Cheers to a happy and healthy year/decade ahead.



  1. Plant truck sounds interesting.
    I love your blogs and share the humor with my husband!
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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