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Cookin Up Combos

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Container gardening is what we live for at Tonkadale. Check out two sun, and two shade recipes curated especially for you.  10 plants are featured in each pot- that’s about enough to fill a 12″-14″ container.  Yes! We fill them full with an explosion of color. Mix and match different pallets of the same plant in a pattern that suits you. No two combinations will turn out the same!

Sun Container 1: Let Us Lantana

sun container recipe

  • Geranium “Occold Shield”
  • Lantana “Lucky Pure Gold”
  • Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”
  • Cyperus Grass “Prince Tut”
  • Dorotheanthus “Mezoo Trailing Red”

Sun Container 2: Sun and Senecio

Shade Container recipe

  • Geranium “Rocky Mountain Magenta”
  • Calibrachoa “Aloha Kona Dark Red”
  • Coleus “Solar Sunrise”
  • Alternanthera “Brazilian Red Hots”
  • Dichondra “Silver Falls”
  • Senecio “Angel Wing”
  • Strobilanthus “Persian Shield”

Shade Container 1: So Ferncy

shade container recipe

  • Begonia “Big Rose Bronze Leaf “
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Bromeliad Yellow
  • Peperomia “Ginny”

Shade Container 2: Taste the Rainbow

Shade container recipe

  • Begonia “Nonstop Yellow”
  • Torenia “Yellow Moon”
  • SunPatiens “Compact Purple”
  • SunPatiens “Compact Red”
  • Philodendron “Brazil”
  • Upright Fuchsia “Gartenmeister”
  • Coleus “Solar Sunrise”

Plant plants, it’s important. See you at Tonkadale.