Tulip leaves emerging from soil

Signs of Spring

In Blog, Events, Feature, Spring, Tonkadale Greenhouse by Megan Nichols

Spring is in the air …… (to the tune of Love is in the Air….sing it with me!). The birds are returning, the mountains of snow are melting (basements are flooding, ugh), and the days are getting longer and warmer. Spring was official as of March 20th, and though we’ve got a little way to go before we can really dig in (see what I did there?) more sure signs of spring are arriving daily.

We hit 86 degrees in the greenhouse.
There will be more of that in our future. Come in and enjoy the sauna experience with us (clothes strongly encouraged). Along with the rising temps, our staff numbers are increasing. We’re excited to welcome new seasonal employees who are ridiculously passionate about helping you make your gardens the best they’ve ever been.

The new Plant Shoppe is fully stocked and set.
Formerly just called “the North wing,” this space is immediately to your left when you enter Tonkadale, and it used to house utilitarian items (necessary stuff, but not that pretty). Inspired by our trip to trendy Portland, OR, we’ve transformed this beautiful glass greenhouse space into the Plant Shoppe full of inspiration and grab-and-go items for designing with indoor plants in your home and office.

Herb plugs are here.
We’ll plant up these babies (that’s what they are, baby plants) and they’ll be all grown up and ready for their new homes near the end of April. If you want to plant your own baby plugs, join us for Functional Flowers and Foliage, where you can put together your own mixed herb garden to take home and grow for spring.

Pansies are coming.
It’s true! They’re set to arrive the last week in March, and we can hardly wait to greet their smiling, little faces. For more on how to care for them, check out this post. And if you’d like to plant your pansy planter with us (and leave the mess here), register for our pansy workshop.

Summer bulbs are here.
Dahlia, Canna, and Gladiolus bulbs have arrived. Hooray! We can’t plant them yet, but they’re easy to keep until it’s time. Just store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Plant outside once danger of frost has passed and soil temperature has reached 50 degrees. To get a head start, pot them up, place in a sunny window inside, and plant outside when the temps are right.

Baskets are going sky high.
The greenhouse has been busy planting hanging baskets for a couple months now, and they’re covering every available surface we have. But, the time has arrived to send them where they belong – UP! Soon the sky inside Tonkadale with be exploding with color. And you know what that means…it’s time to fill those empty tabletops with MORE plants.

The cats actually do stuff (besides sleep).
Seriously, these guys nap like you wouldn’t believe (we wish we could all get through winter like that). Now that the days are getting longer, they’re starting to get back to their regular fitness routine – running around the greenhouse, chasing each other, surveying the grounds, and greeting our customers.

See you at the greenhouse!