Jessie with a spring wreath

Spring Wreaths

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The snow is still here, but we can still add some color and life to our homes. Permanent flowers and foliage on a wreath prepare our senses for the eventual spring, they last forever and they’re super easy to make. In this week’s video, Jessie makes a lovely arrangement with faux roses, pods and leaves with some… em-bell-ishments.


  1. Love videos. Great idea to use zip ties! So fast and holds well. Where do you get the twisty vine? I can’t find it online. Thanks

  2. Haven’t ever seen anyone use zip ties to affix clusters to a wreath. Great idea!!

  3. So talented. I am going to give it a try. Hope it turns out half as good.

  4. Jessie you’re so instructive and knowledgeable… not to mention fun and entertaining 😎. Thank you for helping us stay in season w practical decorating ideas!

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