10 indoor plants we loved in 2018

In Blog, Feature, Houseplants, Winter by Megan Nichols

Whether an Instagram favorite or one of ours, here is our list of the best indoor plants in 2018.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig
The Fiddle Leaf Fig still takes a top spot as a favored house plant. Given its large, gorgeous leaves and convenient growth habit, it’s just about the perfect tree for interior-scaping. It does maintain a reputation for being a bit of a diva, though, so just know it will take the spotlight and a bit of your time. Medium light, medium water (about a wine bottle’s worth a week) and watch for brown spots on the leaves as this could be a fungus and will require a fungicide spray.


If you ever needed inspiration for where and how to display your monstera, IG has you covered. #monsteramonday, anyone? This can become a very large plant, so have a placement or pruning plan if you want to keep it for a few years. Medium light, medium water.


Not to be outdone by Monstera, don’t forget about #philodendronfriday. This is a big family that includes upright and trailing plants. They like medium light but can acclimate to low light, and if you forget to water they are very forgiving, just give them a douse and they’ll bounce back within a day.


Looking for spectacular, colorful flowers? Look no further. The beautiful, spikey flower show will last for weeks, but once the flower is done the whole plant will begin to decline as that is the end of it’s life cycle. No worries, though! More little Bromeliads, known as “pups,” should begin to pop up around the mother plant. After a while the pups will bloom beautifully, too, but in the meantime enjoy the chunky, pretty leaves. Medium to high light, medium water needs.

Pilea peperomioides

Oh so hard to find in early 2018! We received call after call in January and February, but once it rained, it poured, and now we’re swimming in Pilea. Not a bad place to be, considering how cute they are. Water when top inch of soil is dry, medium light, and bonus: they propagate themselves by shooting little Pilea out of the soil, so buy just one and soon enough you’ll have more.

Peperomia argyreia

Better known as Watermelon Peperomia, this pretty plant is easy care and cat and dog friendly. Medium light, medium water, and cute as a button.


The comeback kid. Though it’s been surging upward for a while, 2018 saw increased popularity of the cactus. This famous and notorious (ouch! Keep tweezers and tape handy) plant family is easy to care for and easily fits into any décor. Perfect for the rapidly growing group of plant parents and old pros alike. High light, low water.

Donkey or Burro’s Tail

Donkey tail
These adorable succulent-type plants are another easy-to-grow option. As dessert plants generally go so do the tails, they like full sun or high light and require little watering (water thoroughly when you do, then let them dry out before watering again).


The natural rosette-like growth of this plant makes it perfect for small and large containers alike, as it will maintain a low profile but continue to spread and produce more rosettes. Pair several together for a fun, mixed effect. They are relatively slow growing, so they don’t need much fertilizer or water. They love the sun, so keep them in bright light.

Air Plants

Tillandsia (air plant)
So fun to display and so easy to care for, but don’t let the name fool you! Although these plants don’t need soil, they will still need water (unless you live in a rainforest, where they can draw moisture from the air). Suspend them from the ceiling, set them on a plate or pedestal, or tuck them in an interesting container. Medium light, water once a week by running them under cool (but not cold) water for a couple minutes.

We could go on and on, but we’re busy plant parents who have tending to do. Happy New Year, see you next year!