Paperwhites, poinsettias and cyclamen in containers

Plant gifts for plant people

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We’ve all got that one friend (or maybe more than one, or maybe it’s you…) whose Instagram feed is full of plants and containers and indoor plant styling ideas. It’s not much of a stretch, then, to figure out what they might like for the holidays. However, there are many choices, so here are some quick gift ideas that will make shopping for the plant lover in your life as easy as growing a snake plant (and that is as easy as it gets, even easier than pie).

A solo plant in a pot is simple, impactful, and a welcome addition for the plant lover on your list. If you’re not sure how much light will be available for the plant, go for a low light option, there is always a place to tuck in an easy-care, low-light plant. Try Sansevieria (snake plant), Pothos, or ZZ plant in a simple white container to match any décor.

Sansevieria and zz plant in containers

Sansevieria and ZZ plant

Easy care plants for medium light include Philodendron, Dracaena and African Violets. Pilea (peperomioides) is always beautiful, propagates all on it’s own, and is just about one of the easiest plants to care for (just water when dry, replant when it’s babies start to crowd the pot). Of course, there is always the uber-popular Fiddle leaf Fig still flooding our IG feeds. Give it about a wine bottle’s worth of water a week and it will be quite happy.

Pilea peperoides

Pilea peperoides

For easy-care for a sunny spot, go for cactus, succulents, or palms.

Succulents in containers

Succulents in containers

Keeping it traditional…

Poinsettias and amaryllis are quintessential winter holiday plants. They make great hostess gifts and only last so long, so there’s no pressure for the recipient to enter a long-term plant-care commitment.

Amaryllis flowers

Amaryllis flowers

Shake it up…

Looking for an on-trend, less traditional (but still holiday-like) gift? We’ve got options!

Paperwhites growing in zigzag container


Urban vibe…

Besides just being cool to look at and easy to care for, the beauty of air plants is they can go in anything, and placing them in a hanging vessels is always a good choice. Indirect bright light and a couple minutes of rinsing under water each week is all that’s needed for their care.

Tillandsia in decorative wood hanger


Still don’t know exactly what to get, need to travel, or have other shopping to do (a.k.a cold cars and indoor plants don’t get along well, so they can’t be left alone)? Pick a pot and just tuck in a gift card! Bonus! Starting Saturday, December 15, 2018, buy $100 in gift cards and receive one $20 gift card on us. Oh, and one more thing… if you decide to treat yo’ self while you shop for others, we’ll never tell. Happy gifting!

Gift cards in small wintergreen containers