Spruce top pot winter container with ribbon

Spruce Top Pot Season

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It’s spruce top pot season! This week, Jessie has two fresh and focused spruce top pot recipes for your winter containers. This year, we’re all about elegance, understatement and neutral colors for winter containers that will last well beyond the holidays.

Watch the new video:

Can’t get enough spruce top pot goodness? Here are previous year’s videos:
“How to Make a Spruce Top Pot”
“Spruce Top Pot Movie”


  1. I enjoyed watching the video, she is peppy and funny and informative. I will certainly look forward to the next video. Thank you

  2. Great video, Jessie, you make it look so easy with your srep by step video instruction. Thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh Jessie, you are so cute!! Glad I’m not the only who sings while sprucing.

  4. Informative- fun and SIMPLE that works for me! The cheerleading tip is good will also keep u warm while decorating. Goooooo eucalyptus

  5. Can you provide the links to the past spruce top pot videos? They are referenced in this video but I am not sure where to find them. Thanks!

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