Tonkadale staff raking leaves

Neighbors in Need Recap

In Blog, Fall, Feature, Serving our Community by Samantha Karsten

This past weekend, Tonkadale partnered with The HOME Program to help local seniors with some yard work. The HOME Program is part of Senior Community Services based in Minnetonka, and mobilizes open-hearted people to bring seniors affordable home maintenance and chore services delivered by community volunteers (us and you!). They gave us a list of six people in the west metro that needed help with raking or gardening on their property.

We split into three groups and weeded gardens, cleaned bird baths, trimmed bushes, spread fertilizer, and raked and raked and raked. We had a great time despite the windy weather, and at least the sun was out. While we didn’t get to all the houses on our list with our community volunteers, we’re planning another staff outing to finish up the rest next week.

The HOME Program is looking for volunteers to help more seniors around Minneapolis and Hennepin County. Visit their website to learn more.