Pumpkins in front of Tonkadale Greenhouse

Cucurbita in Multa

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It’s almost October, and that means it’s pumpkin, squash and gourd time. It was an excellent year for pumpkins, as they love the warm temperatures. We may have been melting all summer, but the cucurbits were soaking it up and getting gorgeous.

And We. Have. Lots:

They’re all locally sourced and carefully washed by our staff. Almost all of the pumpkins and squash we carry are edible (I hear that Red October squash are particularly tasty), with the exceptions of Pattison Strie Melange and Sanchez. Gourds are not edible, obviously, but provide interesting textures and a wide array of fall colors for arrangements. Use the small decorative pumpkins and squash for table centerpieces for a few months, then cook ’em up in November. Brown ’em, bake ’em, broil ’em, roast ’em, honey ’em, steam ’em, any way you like ’em. What are your favorite pumpkin and squash recipes? Care to share? Show them off in the comments.

Some of the larger decorative pumpkins like Musquee de Provence, Long Island Cheese, etc. may not fit as a table centerpiece, but they are lovely and an essential ingredient for your front step arrangements, next to your kale and mums. Beware the squirrels and chipmunks, however; they like them almost as much as we do. Spray your outdoor cucurbits with hot pepper wax or vaseline to keep away unwanted critters.

One trend we’ve seen this year is an abundance of white and creamy pumpkins. They add a bright contrast to dark and dramatic kale and heuchera. We’ve also seen a continuation of last year’s trend that uses pumpkins as temporary containers for succulents or cut flowers. Hollow them out, wipe the inside with petroleum jelly or line with plastic wrap, and drop in your favorite plants. Add little string lights, pine cones, feathers, and any other fun fall accessories you can find. When they get squishy, toss them in the compost! (After removing your non-compostible accessories, of course.)

Pumpkin succulent containers

Save the date for some messy orange fun at our Pumpkin Carving event on October 27. Bring the kids, carve some pumpkins, and we’ll take care of the mess.

Kids with pumpkin carvings