Seaside Serenade Martha's Vineyard Hydrangea

New: Martha’s Vineyard Hydrangea

In News, Perennials, Summer, Trees and shrubs by Megan Nichols

It’s the color of tourmaline in sunshine. It’s the color of your cheeks when you saw your first love. It’s new and (almost) exclusive to Tonkadale Greenhouse: Seaside Serenade© Martha’s Vineyard Hydrangea.

You need THIS plant in your life and landscape. Here’s why:

  1. Gorgeous. Obviously.
  2. We begged the vendor to release some, just for you!
  3. Once it starts blooming, it doesn’t stop.
  4. It will make you happy. Obviously.
  5. You don’t always try to make the neighbors jealous, but when you do, you plant prettier hydrangeas.
  6. J/K, there is enough here for everyone (not really, but we tried), ‘cause everyone should have one!
  7. Um… did you see that pic? Look again.

How would you describe the color of this amazing hydrangea? Let us know in the comments.