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The main event

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Mother’s Day is the main event at Your Greenhouse Home this weekend. It’s like the Olympics, Kentucky Derby, Masters, World Cup/Series/Championship for greenhouse workers. That is what we are. Workers. At least that is what my kids call us. My kids! They are oh-so interested in what we are doing and continuously ask, “What are the workers doing today?” Consider this coming out of a 5 and 7 year old mouths. Workers. But we workers are the best in this biz. How lucky are we to have such ridiculously passionate workers?!

I love being a worker. I wear the same thing everyday and that’s okay! Bottom drawer jeans and shorts, top drawer shirts and middle drawer, assorted layers. Walter (7) asked me on the way to school this week, “Why do you wear the same shirt everyday? Can’t you just wear a normal shirt?” I said, “No, this is my uniform. I have 6 – one for each day I work.” He is already embarrassed of me. Little does he know, there is more where that came from.

I love being a boss. Margaret (5 1/2 according to her) asked me this week, “How do you become a boss?” I said, “Well, you work hard, make good choices and share your passion with others.” She will be a boss someday.

Work life balance is not a thing. Working on work life integration. My work is my life and my life is my work. I have everything I need and so much more. And so do you. Just look around.

Other tidbits

I have pneumonia in my right lung and am not happy about it.

Our new Tonka Terra potting soil bag debuted this week. Same good stuff, just updated branding. Hear that? We have branding!

Soil bags

Pest control using beneficial insects is going great. Do not be afraid of the little sachets attached to your hanging baskets. These contain good bugs eating bad bugs, specifically thrips and broad mites which are yucky pests in the green house. Just let them be. Don’t think this it’s fertilizer, cause it’s not – you will have to buy that separately.

The dinner plate dahlias were infected by a fungus on the tubers this year and will most likely not be available. Super bummer, but we can move on.

Our greenhouse manager, Mary is battling breast cancer and we miss her deeply this spring. A special Happy Mother’s Day to her.


Mother’s Day – A day to celebrate mothers, an all-inclusive holiday because everyone has a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to me and to you and you and you.

See you at Tonkadale, Your Greenhouse Home!