1. Wonderful! Thanks, Jessie. I’d love more such tutorials. In fact, I once made a perfectly round hanging flower planter with the entire surface covered with flowers…How I did it I have no idea. That’s why I called it the 7th or 8th Wonder of the World.

    I’d love to see a tutorial explaining how I did that–er, how YOU would do that. Ha!

  2. Excellent speaker Like the little humor as well. Can’t wait to see the store. I’m from Milwaukee Lov to do a class

  3. Cute tutorial, a fun presenter. So glad you have this posted; I had wanted to attend this class but was unable to. I tried to make one at home using a tutorial on the internet that didn’t have the same soil mix, it used 1/3 bonsai soil to 2/3 potting soil. It drys out much too quickly with that ratio. I’m going to try your soil “recipe” and I suspect the results will be better.

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