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In Blog, News, Tonkadale Greenhouse by Samantha Karsten

This blog is supposed to be about changes in our Return Policy, but that’s kind of boring. Here’s the gyst. We are ridiculously passionate about the products that we sell and your success with said products. We will be courageous and kind as we administer our return policy in a clear, concise and fair way.

So what’s with all the shop talk? Courage? Passion? Kindness? What does it all mean? Glad you asked!

Tonkadale has been around for just a little while. Since 1947 to be exact. In this time there have been many MANY changes. However, one thing has always remained the same – an undercurrent of values that governs operations both large and small. If you had asked someone to define them, they couldn’t but it has always been obvious when someone is in violation.

Ambiguity is always uncomfortable, so late last year we decided to change that. May I present to you our official, clear yet concise mission, vision and values:


to enrich lives by creating plant inspired experiences as we connect everyone to beautiful spaces


to forever be your greenhouse home


ridiculously passionate
always approachable
fun, fresh and focused
courageous and kind

Please join in our mission and let us know if we are living our values. Change is good and we here at Tonkadale want to be around to celebrate the centennial.

See you at Tonkadale!