Joy is in the Journey

In Blog, Tonkadale Greenhouse, Winter by Jessie Jacobson

January is almost here and it’s all about counting, re-counting and count-downs. Where have we been and where are we going? What do we resolve to do in the New Year?

And my question is this – at what point do we humans meet our ‘resolutionary’ (yes, that is a made-up word) goals and feel satisfied, happy, content or done?

I heard a great quote this week while driving around completing returns and recycling the mile-high pile of cardboard in my garage. Coming to a blog near you: I am never doing Christmas like this again. How to enjoy the holidays while increasing sanity and reducing clutter, cardboard and sugar. Does anyone listen to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast? I do, and you should too. Coming to a blog near you: How to become a podcast junkie. In this specific episode, Oprah was interviewing Shawn Achor, Harvard professor and best-selling author of the book The Happiness Advantage. Good stuff here: “Happiness is the joy that we feel while striving for our potential.”

Joy is linked to meaning and happiness is not at a journey’s end. Joy is in the journey. My journey is deeply linked to Tonkadale’s journey. I am grateful to have the opportunity to own and operate this wonderful business. In a strengths assessment I took about a year ago, I learned that “belief” is one of my top five strengths. I believe that what we do at Tonkadale has great meaning and an impact that is greater than us or me, and that, folks, brings great joy.

As we embark on a new year at Tonkadale, we fill up our time with a list of January projects. They are actually January, February and March projects, but we endearingly refer to them as January projects. These projects range from routine maintenance, cleaning and painting to building projects and staff development. The two we are most excited about this year include moving our cash registers to improve the traffic flow of the front end and tripling our office space! The journey is not always perfect, it never will be. But, the joy of innovation, creativity, team work and problem solving makes me happy.

Happy New Year!

See you at Tonkadale.

Please observe our January hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm